Tendonitis Treatment in Marlton, NJ

What is Tendonitis?

Tendonitis, also known as tendinitis, is the inflammation or irritation of a tendon, which can cause pain and tenderness near a joint, making movement in that area difficult. In the foot, tendonitis often affects the Achilles tendon, but it can occur in other tendons as well. This condition is typically caused by a sudden injury or repetitive movements over time.

Signs and Symptoms of Tendonitis

The signs and symptoms of tendonitis can differ based on the tendon affected and the severity of the condition. Common indicators include:

  • Pain and tenderness near a joint, often aggravated by movement
  • Swelling in the affected area
  • A sensation of warmth or burning around the joint
  • Stiffness or reduced range of motion
  • A lump or nodular feeling along the tendon
  • Redness or localized warmth

If these symptoms persist or worsen, it is crucial to seek medical evaluation. For tendonitis in the foot and ankle, consulting Dr. Dalal at Sole Focus Foot and Ankle in Marlton, NJ, can provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

Comprehensive Treatments for Tendonitis

Tendonitis requires careful management to alleviate pain and prevent further injury. Effective treatments include:

  • Rest and immobilization: Allowing the tendon to heal.
  • Ice application: Reducing inflammation and pain.
  • Compression: Minimizing swelling.
  • Elevation: Reducing swelling by promoting fluid drainage.
  • Pain relievers (analgesics): Managing pain.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): Reducing inflammation.
  • Physical therapy: Strengthening muscles and improving flexibility.
  • Shockwave therapy: Promoting healing.
  • Tenex or Tenjet Procedure: Minimally invasive treatments.
  • Surgery (in severe or chronic cases): Repairing damaged tendons.

Consulting with a healthcare professional, such as a podiatrist, is essential for a proper diagnosis and tailored treatment plan. Dr. Dalal at Sole Focus Foot and Ankle in Marlton, NJ, specializes in treating tendonitis and offers expert guidance and personalized care. Schedule an appointment for a thorough assessment and customized treatment plan to relieve your pain and restore function.

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What are some treatments for Tendonitis?

Tendonitis requires careful management to alleviate pain and prevent further injury or complications. Here are some common treatments for tendonitis:

  • Rest and immobilization
  • Ice application
  • Compression
  • Elevation
  • Pain relievers (analgesics)
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Physical therapy
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Tenex or Tenjet Procedure
  • Surgery (in severe or chronic cases)