Nervous About Nerve Issues? Your Podiatrist Can Help!

Sole Focus Foot and Ankle deal with all kinds of health complications, but some are poorly understood despite their prevalence, particularly nerve disorders. The intricate network in your feet and ankles plays a major role in movement and sensation, and when these nerves become compressed or irritated, it can lead to a variety of uncomfortable conditions.

 For this blog, we’ll be exploring three of the most troublesome ones.

1.) Morton’s Neuroma:

  • Who it Affects: Athletes, people who wear high heels frequently, and those with certain foot types (flat feet, bunions).
  • The Culprit: This condition arises when the tissue surrounding a nerve between the toes thickens, often due to repetitive pressure.
  • Conservative Treatments: Wider shoes with arch support relieve pressure on the nerve. Padding or orthotics that realign the foot can also help.
  • Intensive Options: Corticosteroid injections can reduce inflammation. In severe cases, surgery might be necessary to remove a portion of the thickened tissue or nerve.

2.) Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome:

  • Who it AffectsPeople with flat feet, diabetics, and those who participate in activities that put repetitive stress on the ankle (dancers, runners).
  • The Cause: Compression of the tibial nerve within the tarsal tunnel, located on the inner ankle, leads to Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Conservative Treatments: Reducing activities that aggravate is key. Physical therapy exercises to strengthen the muscles and improve flexibility can also be beneficial.
  • Intensive Options: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or TENS, is a promising option for pain relief.

3.) Drop Foot:

  • Who it Affects: Drop foot can be caused by various conditions, including nerve damage from diabetes, stroke, or injuries to the lower back or leg.
  • The Reason Behind It: Damage to the peroneal nerve, responsible for lifting the front part of the foot, leads to difficulty dorsiflexion (lifting the toes towards the shin).
  • Conservative Treatments: Ankle-foot orthosis (AFO), a supportive brace that holds the foot in a dorsiflexed position, can be helpful. Physical therapy to improve muscle strength and coordination can also work to treat the root cause.

We hope this blog brought you one step closer to cleaner, fitter feet! If you still have questions or are seeking treatment for a health-related concern, schedule an appointment today. The team at Sole Focus Foot and Ankle in Marlton, NJ, would be pleased to assist you.